B&W, film and that grainy stuff… Why I swoon over it! | NC Portrait Photographer

Last year I was introduced to an amazing FREE online classroom called CreativeLive.  CreativeLive is a place that brings in some of the top in photography, design and business to help creatives learn and grow for FREE.  Pretty amazing concept, right?  Well, on one of the shows, I was introduced to who is now one of my favorite photographers, Steven Branstetter.  He was an on set class member and was learning just like me, however, he had the privilege of doing it from inside the actual studio.  Getting hands on instruction.  Yeah, I was JELLY! lol  There were probably 6 photographers in all sitting in the classroom and I went and checked out each of their websites and facebook pages.  When I came across Steven’s blog, I simply…..fell.in.love.  It was THIS blog post specifically that I fell in love with. Steven has a cinematic style.  His work tells a story.  His imagery reminds me of that old school vintage film.  It’s simply beautiful.  For the last year, I’ve been having a love affair with film style of work.

. photo credit: Amelia Lyon Photography

If you haven’ t heard of Sue Bryce….. climb from under that rock you’re under.  This woman ROCKS!  She is a no holds barred, bad ass Aussie bitch (and I say bitch in the nicest of ways….really).  She takes the most gorgeous glamour photos I have ever seen in my life.  She is a marketing genius and just so good at what she does.  Her work, made me fall in love with grain.  This blog post shows pretty much why.  The amount of grain in each photo isn’t the same but as you see the grain increase, there is a deeper sense of connection, for me.  It’s like taking out the desire of perfection and cutting to the point of the emotion.  The realness.  I can’t tell you how much I love GRAIN!

Abby, Lennox Gardens, SW1, 1966.              photo credit: Iain Claridge

Now my MOST FAVORITE…… BLACK AND WHITE (B&W).  Forget the description of why….. JUST LOOK (click the link)!

Sabrena Robinson Portraits - Google Search      photo credit: Sabrena Robinson Portraits

So, why do I do so many clean edits?  Good question….. It won’t last.  Check my style. It’s evolving.  It’s growing.  It’s beginning to be much more like ME!